Course curriculum

  • 1

    Preparing the ground: Sowing the seed

    • Sowing the seed: Introduction

    • Sowing the seed: Your learning

    • Sowing the seed: Welcome by Ruth Staples-Rolfe

  • 2

    Preparing the ground: Nurturing the seed

    • Nurturing the seed: Your learning outcomes

  • 3

    Encouraging shoots

    • Encouraging shoots: Introduction

    • Encouraging shoots: A Holistic, Participative and Sustainable Approach

    • Encouraging shoots: Developing confidence and competencies

    • Encouraging shoots: Developing high-quality spaces

    • Encouraging shoots: Resources

    • Encouraging shoots: Access to nature and the wider context

    • Encouraging shoots: A variety of spaces

    • Encouraging shoots: Understanding some of the pedagogy and the role of the adult

  • 4


    • Flowering: Taking new learning in your setting

  • 5

    Sowing new seeds

    • Sowing new seeds: Final reflection

    • Sowing new seeds: End of topic quiz

    • Sowing new seeds: Assignment

    • Before you go