Course curriculum

  • 1

    Preparing the ground: Sowing the seed

    • Sowing the seed: Your learning

    • Sowing the seed: Introducing you to Learning through Landscapes

  • 2

    Preparing the ground: Nurturing the seed

    • Nurturing the seed: Your learning outcomes

  • 3

    Encouraging shoots

    • Encouraging shoots: Principle one

    • Encouraging shoots: Principle two

    • Encouraging shoots: Principle three

    • Encouraging shoots: Principle four

    • Encouraging shoots: Principle five

    • Encouraging shoots: Principle six

  • 4


    • Flowering: Embedding new learning

  • 5

    Sowing new seeds

    • Sowing new seeds: Final reflection

    • Sowing new seeds: End of topic quiz

    • Sowing new seeds: End of course assignment

    • Before you go


Heena Dave

I started my amazing role with LtL in June 2020. I’m lucky enough to get to work with an inspiring team of experts to design programmes and projects that have the sole purpose of bringing our vision to life by making sure that every child and young person has access to outdoor learning and play. This means collaborating with many different organisations to ensure delivery of stimulating grounds for play and learning, developing cutting-edge projects to enable pupils to become closer to nature and helping teachers to develop their expertise in outdoor learning and play through training.