Course curriculum

  • 1

    Preparing the ground: Sowing the seed

  • 2

    Preparing the ground: Nurturing the seed

    • Nurturing the seed: Your learning outcomes

  • 3

    Encouraging shoots

    • Encouraging shoots: Reflection

    • Encouraging shoots: Introducing you to new content

    • Encouraging shoots: The why of taking literacy outdoors

    • Encouraging shoots: The how of teaching literacy outdoors

    • Encouraging shoots: Barriers to taking literacy outdoors

    • Encouraging shoots: Your outdoor toolkit

    • Encouraging shoots: Activities to try out

    • Encouraging shoots: Sensory inspiration

    • Encouraging shoots: Outdoor literacy in action

    • Further reading: Literacy and nature - John Muir Trust

    • Further reading: I am the seed that grew the tree - Poetry resource pack

    • Additional resource: Literacy in the outdoors webinar

  • 4


    • Flowering: Taking new learning into your setting

  • 5

    Sowing new seeds

    • Sowing new seeds: Final reflection

    • Sowing new seeds: End of topic quiz

    • Sowing new seeds: Assignment

    • Before you go


Charly Crump

I work on the Local Schools Nature Grant project for the Northern Region so have the joyful job of zooming around the North of England to see lots of different schools and settings. The thing that I love the most about this project is the fantastic teachers I meet along the way who often teach me as much as I teach them. I deliver training in all aspects of outdoor learning from fire lighting to gardening and how to use sticks for rich outdoor learning!