Course curriculum

  • 1

    Preparing the ground: Sowing the seed

  • 2

    Preparing the ground: Nurturing the seed

    • Nurturing the seed: Your learning outcomes

  • 3

    Encouraging shoots

    • Encouraging shoots: Introduction and theory

    • Encouraging shoots: Creating a mathematical environment

    • Encouraging shoots: Activities to try out

    • Encouraging shoots: Mathematics in our daily routines

    • Encouraging shoots: Preparing for flowering

    • Further reading: Mathematics scope and sequence - International Baccalaureate

    • Further reading: Improving mathematics in the early years - Education Endowment Foundation

    • Further reading: Jan White - Every child a mover

    • Further reading: Open sand

    • Further reading: Play logs and wood

    • Further reading: Loose Parts Play - A Toolkit

  • 4


    • Flowering: Taking new learning into your setting

  • 5

    Sowing new seeds

    • Sowing new seeds: Final reflection

    • Sowing new seeds: End of topic quiz

    • Sowing new seeds: End of course assignment

    • Before you go


Gordon MacLean

I joined the Learning through Landscapes team in May 2017. My main role is leading our Early Years project, Nurturing Nature. This is where we take parents, children and nursery practitioners to areas of local greenspace to engage with nature, develop relationships and enjoy some proper play. Some of the favourite activities enjoyed are tree climbing, making rope swings, learning about and using fire, and getting covered in mud! I also enjoy leading training sessions with groups of practitioners and teachers.